Rockstar’s Bully 2 Leaked Screenshot Confirmed To Be Fake

An alleged leak of a Bully 2 screenshot was revealed to be fake. A user by the name of Gio confronted the leaker named kevin4nov in a Discord conversation in which he admits the ‘screenshot’ to be “all fake” and suggests that it was made using Photoshop.Β  Kevin4nov, who goes by the name of @Felipeborges388 on Twitter, admitted that the whole thing “went too far”. He accompanied the apology with more than a dozen screenshots of his work, including a companion app, the design of the main character and the map that sparked all the hype in the first place. Borges also posted this image on Reddit a couple days prior to this story blowing up. Rockstar has thus far still been quiet about the incident and hasn’t confirmed to be working on Bully 2.

Leaks about a possible sequel to the now cult classic Bully (2006) have been around for a while, but none so conclusive as a screenshot of the supposed map. It was first sent to Bully-focused YouTuber TheNathanNS, who deemed it β€œtoo perfectly consistent to be a fake”. And indeed, the would-be leaker did a pretty convincing job, copying all of Rockstar’s trademark Bully fonts, menu design and artwork.

Whatever the state of a possible Bully 2 may be, based on all the media coverage and fan speculation following the hoax it should be clear to Rockstar that plenty of people are aching for a new game in the franchise. But until the GTA-developer wants to announce a new game they’re working on, we’ll likely never really hear about it as the company notoriously runs a very tight ship.

So kids, for the time being, just wait in the hallway until Mr. Rockstar is ready to see you! Game Enthusiast will continue to keep up with this story and report on any updates.  Until then, lets keep our fingers crossed for Bully 2!

Update 09-04-2019: After some confusion surrounding the validity of the admittance, Twitter-user @Felipeborges388 went public with an apology. The article was updated to reflect the now confirmed fake nature of the screenshots.