Terraria Dev Cancels Stadia Release After Nasty Dispute With Google

Terraria co-creator Andrew Spinks canceled the upcoming Google Stadia release of his game after personal beef with the company. Spinks is allegedly locked out of all his Google accounts with no succes at regaining access to them. Google hasn’t responded to the problems of the developer, which prompted him to cancel any future plans of working with Google and/or Stadia.

Dev cancels Terraria for Stadia after trouble with Google

In a series of tweets, Andrew Spinks details his troubles with Google. According to the Terraria developer, he lost access to all his Google accounts, including accounts for YouTube, Google Drive, the Google Play Store, and so on. Google allegedly hasn’t given Spinks any explanation as to why he’s locked out. After three weeks, the developer finally decided to cancel any future plans of working with Google.

Re-Logic also affected

As IGN notes, the actual development team has had problems with Google for a few weeks too. A tweet from the official Terraria account explains Google locked them out of their YouTube- and Gmail accounts too.

Apart from all the money Spinks personally allegedly lost, the company behind Terraria seems to share his troubles. It almost seems as if Google has some sort of personal beef with Terraria and everyone involved. There isn’t any indication thus far, so keep the pitch forks holstered. Someone might have hacked Spinks, or alternatively he could have done something wrong (though he maintains he hasn’t).

Whatever the case, hopefully the two parties can settle their problems. Not that most gamers care that Terraria won’t release on Google Stadia, as the game could run comfortably on a potato. Not a whole lot of reason to put streaming into the equation. But for Spinks’ sake, let’s hope it all works out eventually!


Terraria came out back in 2011 to rave reviews (98% recommends the game on Steam). The unique ‘2.5D’ Minecraft-esque indie game combines survival with crafting, building, and creativity. After a decade, the game still draws in well over 30k players every month. As of writing, it sits comfortably in the top 20 most concurrent players on the PC platform (via SteamCharts).

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