Modern Warfare & Warzone Patch: Cold War Preparation, New Operators

The upcoming update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone, patch 1.29, is now available to pre-load for PS4 users and seems to introduce some Cold War content.

The update is probably the last big patch for Modern Warfare and Warzone before the launch of Call of Duty: Cold War on the 13th of November. Here’s what you can expect.

Warzone merges with Cold War

Last October, Activision announced that the new Call of Duty is to be fully integrated with Warzone by December. More details soon followed. That leaves us to believe that the coming update will introduce some content from the upcoming game. Actually, starting from the 12th, Warzone players will be able to use Cold War operators like Woods and Adlers, seen in lots of promotional material.

True to form, players will be looking at a large update of 33GB (at least on PS4). As of writing, the 1.29 patch notes haven’t been released by the devs. But it’s likely we’ll get more information today. It’s however quite likely Activision is gearing up for the next phase of Warzone.

New operators

For example, the game will feature new operators soon. These cosmetic additions to Warzone can subsequently be unlocked through playing or microtransactions.

As an extra bonus, Infinity Ward has been teasing the addition of a new character for some time, making it very likely they will be revealed with the 1.29 update. And to speculate a little more, the update may even get everything ready for the next-gen version of Warzone.

Don’t forget the bugs

But with all the talk of new stuff coming, one would almost forget some of the game’s current problems. For example, as Dextero reports, the game constantly resets officer challenges 90-100 for some players, stopping them from earning this season’s emblem.

Some particularly skilled players complain they are unable to earn a Nuke, even after completing their 30 player kill streak.

We can expect the ‘Cold War’ Warzone and Modern Warfare patch to launch sometime this week.

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