PS5 Is Able To Record The Last 60 Minutes Of Gameplay At 4k

In a recent FAQ on the Playstation Blog, Sony revealed an exciting new recording function. The PS5 is able to record up to 60 minutes of gameplay at 4k! Linked to the new “Create” button on the DualSense controller, the console will automatically record the last 60 minutes of gameplay.

But if you press that “Create” button you can choose (similarly to the share button on the PS4) if you would like to “save recent gameplay”, ranging from the last 15 seconds to the last 60 minutes. And with an astounding 4K option!

The PS5 records 4K?!

The footage comes at 1080p with 60fps as a default, but if you set the recording yourself it’ll be 4k. Plus, if you have a TV or monitor that is 4k you will be able to choose between 1920×1080 and 3840×2160 res. Not bad eh? You can also create screenshots the same way, as JPEG’s, PNG’s and even 4k images.

Share, edit, and even export

Not only can the PS5, like the PS4, begin streaming directly simply by pressing that “create” button. Once you’ve captured your footage or screenshots there is still plenty more you can do with it. On the console itself you’ll be able to edit and share the content directly, and if you want to do some special wizardry of your own you can even export the files directly onto a USB.

Going, going, gone!

According to most sources, the PS5 is currently sold out everywhere. Although there are reportedly still some available if you know where to look. Knowing that the PS5 records 4K gameplay is quite a jump from current generation consoles. And as far as we know there isn’t such a feature on the Xbox Series X. So this may be deciding factor for some of you. Are you looking forward to this exciting new feature? Let us know in the comments below.

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