Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Coming To Warzone Soon!

Activision announced the integration of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War in Warzone during an earnings call. Weaponry and operators of the upcoming Black Ops Cold War will be added to the free to play battle royale come December. The integration will be a part of Black Ops Cold War’s first multiplayer season.

Black Ops Cold War in Warzone

During Q3’s earnings call, a Chief Operating Officer of Activision Blizzard announced the news, as reported by CharlieIntel.

And starting with first season of in-game content in December, Black Ops Cold War will be integrated into Warzone. We’ll bring Cold War’s characters and weaponry into the free to play experience, along with substantial new content ensuring that Warzone remains both the terrific experience and a powerful on-ramp for the franchise’s premium content.

Season one

The timing of the integration of Black Ops Cold War into Activision’s battle royale isn’t a coincidence. With the upcoming Call of Duty game coming out November 13th, fans have at least a few weeks to get adjusted to the vanilla version of the game.

Subsequently, sometime in December the Season Pass monetization launches. Players can pay for exclusive progression, offering new skins, operators and other cosmetics. Presumably just like in Modern Warfare (2019).

Those cosmetics will find their way into Warzone too. It will be interesting to see how a fully modded, decked out M4A1 with IR scope stands up against a standard AK-74U with irons though…

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