Minecraft Cliffs & Caves Update Makes Cave Exploring Exciting

During Minecraft Live recently revamped developer Mojang announced the upcoming Cliffs & Caves update. Caves now come in different variations, contain new items, and house a new hostile mob: The Warden. Additionally, the Mountain update is also coming with the next big overhaul.

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Minecraft Cliffs & Caves update

If you’ve played Minecraft, you’ve spent time underground and in caves. It’s the most reliable place to gather most ores, and has stuff you can’t even find on the surface. But after exploring hundreds of seemingly identical caves, it can get a little boring. The Minecraft Cliffs & Caves update will change that drastically.

In a blogpost, the developer details the Cliffs & Caves update; the game gets some much needed variety, introducing ‘cave biomes’ like lush caves and dripstone caves. Randomly generated lush caves, unground lakes, and waterfalls make it more exciting to delve into Minecraft’s soil.


Grotto’s also contain a new element: copper! It’s fun to see Mojang adding new materials to make the crafting even more exciting. With copper, you can build stuff (surprise). But – like in real life – stuff built from copper turns green over time, which can symbolize your time investment in Minecraft.

Items and mobs

The new caves are populated by new items like “crystals, telescopes, bundles, the sculk sensor block and a new hostile mob – The Warden”. The latter responds to your movement, and might even beat the Creeper as number one ‘reason to be afraid in caves’. So start sneaking!

Speaking of new creatures, Minecraft also receives a new super cute addition: the Axolotl. The ever smiling Amphibian comes in three different colors and can be captured with a bucket. Less cute though potentially more useful is the Mountain Goat. As part of the Mountain update (coming alongside Cliffs & Caves) the Mountain Goat will populate Minecraft’s many mountain tops. Those are also getting more variety by the way.


Lastly, players would want to dust off their Indiana Jones hat for the upcoming Minecraft Cliffs & Caves update. When exploring the underground cave systems, one might run into archeological objects. Basically, Monjang tries to introduce a sense “cool sense of history and storytelling element to the game”. Besides digging, you’ll also be excavating using the new Brush item.

Release date

The Minecraft Cliffs & Caves update comes out

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