CoD: Warzone – Overpowered DMR 14 And Mac-10 Finally Getting A Nerf

The DMR 14 and Mac-10 are getting a nerf in Call of Duty: Warzone, Raven Software announced. The overpowered guns were a bane of the existence of many players for the past couple of weeks. Depending on who you ask, this long awaited change can’t come fast enough.

Warzone DMR 14 and Mac-10 nerf

After many complaints and articles like these, the DMR 14 and Mac-10 are finally getting a nerf in Warzone. The guns were added in tandem with the Black Ops Cold War integration. If like me, you had any concerns about how Cold War era weapons could compete against modern weaponry, just look at those two guns.

They absolutely destroyed anyone on the wrong side of the respective barrels. For the DMR 14, mid and long range fights were an absolute bloodbath. With the high damage output, low recoil, and 30-round standard mag capacity, it killed like crazy. Furthermore, the Mac-10 completely shredded anyone in close proximity to the one wielding the SMG.

Many players complained about how insane the two weapons (and to a lesser extent the Type 63 and dual pistols) are. And so, Raven Software announces a nerf coming to Warzone regarding the DMR 14 and Mac-10.

It’s not yet clear how and when the aforementioned guns will be nerfed. With the DMR 14 for example, a big magazine capacity reduction is a great start. Add some more recoil or lower the damage and you’ve got a solid designated marksman rifle that doesn’t feel overpowered. The Mac-10 needs a fire rate reduction and/or damage nerf.

We’ll likely see a patch this week. Until then, get a solid DMR Mac-10 loadout together and, for the love of captain Price, steer clear of anyone using said loadout on you!

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