Apex Legends Announces Cross-Play (Finally) And Aftermarket Event

Apex Legends finally gets cross-play support on October 6th, Respawn Entertainment announces. After well over 1.5 years you can finally play with all your friends regardless of their preferred platform. The cross-play update also features a new timed event.

Apex Legends gets cross-play

According to Apex Legends developer Respawn “cross-play has been one of the most requested features”. Indeed, players have been asking for it ever since the game launched. Leaks have been suggesting the feature for months now too.

Finally, cross-play launces for the game in the form of a beta. It does however have all the features you’d expect from cross-play. In other words, you can team up with your friends and are dropped in mixed matches, regardless of the platform they play on.

By default, cross-play is enabled in Apex Legends on consoles, starting October 6th.

Groups with PC players will be matched with PC players only

Unless you’re playing on PC. In that case, you’ll still only be matched with other PC players. Obviously, playing with mouse and keyboard gives you a slight advantage over controllers. So, teams consisting of at least one PC player, will be matched with PC players only. All other platforms are freely matched together.

Aftermarket collection event

Additionally, October 6th marks the launch of the newest Apex Legends timed event, called Aftermarket Collection Event. As with previous events, the Aftermarket Collection Event features a wide array of cosmetics. The most outlandish ones are showcased in the trailer below. Earning rewards is done with a special prize track, so earn XP for said track, your level, and the battle pass all at once!

Flashpoint limited time mode

To spice things up even further, Apex Legends gets a limited time mode called Flashpoint. In it, healing items and shield cells are unavailable. To heal and/or recharge, players have to visit one of a handful of select zones – Flashpoints. There, health and shields generate automatically over time. The mode forces players to be on the move for the Flashpoints and we expect a lot of firefights happening in them.

Apex Legends cross-play beta and the Aftermarket Collection Event both launch on October 6th for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The timed event is live for two weeks, ending on October 20.

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