Modern Warfare: Nerfs For AS VAL And SP-R 208 Coming Soon

A weapon tuning patch is currently being tested by Modern Warfare developers to address recent issues with the AS VAL and SP-R 208. The news comes from a tweet by Ashton Williams, the Senior Communications Manager for Infinity Ward.

The imminent changes are quite obvious, really. The “Armor Piercing Rounds” attachment for the AS VAL allowed players to shoot people through walls. Check out an example of what almost feels like cheating in the video below.

Most agree that the AS VAL issue should absolutely be fixed. However some players expressed their aggravation with the changes to the SP-R 208; They argue that it is actually a really fun sniper rifle to use.

The SP-R 208 wass designed to be better than the Kar98 but not as great as the HDR. But once you equip either the .300 Norma or the .338 Lapua which both increase bullet velocity. This creates an almost instantaneous shot.

Here is an in-depth depiction of how this is an issue from TrueGameData to better show how this gives an advantage to the user.

We don’t have a specific date or time when the AS VAL and SP-R 208 tuning patch is set to launch. But we can expect it to be in the next few days or so once they are finished with testing of the changes. Stay tuned.

Photo Credit: Infinity Ward

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