Gotham Knights Is The Next Batman Game—But Without Batman

Gotham Knights is the name of the next Batman game from WB Games Montreal. The game was revealed today on DC’s Fandome livestream. And from what we can see, it looks like we will be getting a classic Arkham-esque game but without the classic Batman character.

That’s right, as you can see in the trailer, Batman has been killed. Gotham Knights revolves around Batman’s surviving allies. Presumably you’ll be playing through the character of your choice.

Perhaps we will be able to change characters while in-game similar to GTA V? We will have to see! As far as we can tell, the game will be open world and have some sort of multiplayer aspect including co-op.

Gotham Knights characters

With Batman out of the picture, Gotham Knights centers itself around the role of four playable characters: Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Red Hood. We can gather from the trailer that each character will have specific abilities and loadouts.

Although we don’t know exactly what those abilities and loadouts will be just yet, we can see that both technology and firepower will vary greatly between the characters. Red Hood has dual-wielded pistols, Batgirl has a badass grappling hook, Robin equipped a sci-fi staff of some kind, and Nighthawk uses dual batons.

We’re sure that the classic Batman gadgets will be tied in to Gotham Knights in some way.

Batman is dead?!

Batman is dead. At least we can assume so. At the beginning of the trailer, you can hear Gotham reporters talking about a body being found in wreckage of an explosion with the reports ending with “We’re now confirm that billionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne is—”, and the transmission stops.

Next thing we see is an emergency transmission from Batman sent to his allies that says:

If you’re watching this I’m dead. This message was automatically triggered when I destoyed the cave and everything it contained.

So as far as we can tell, Batman is dead. But crazier twists have happened and perhaps we will see Batman again at the end of the game. We will have to play through Gotham Knights to find out. But until then, we can’t wait to see some gameplay and learn more about the characters and their

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