Skate 4 Officially Announced During EA Play—No Release Date

EA Play Live had a multitude of announcements, none more surprising though than the revelation that Skate 4 is in the works! Fans of the series clamored for a new one for more than a decade, when Skate 3 was released back in 2010. EA waited until the end of their stream to announce the big reveal.

As the news broke, excitement quickly followed as it was finally happening. Details are nonexistent as no footage was shown, quite simply creative director Cuz Parry said “We’re back, we’re doing it–Skate is
happening.” But that’s all fans needed to hear in order to dust off their van’s shoes and start practicing their ollies.

Quite frankly we know nothing about it, not even if it’s going to be called Skate 4, all we know is that a new Skate game is coming and that’s enough for us. Game director Deran Chung made sure to add “We’ve been waiting years to make the right game, at the right time, with the right idea.”

Furthermore, he confirmed that the game was in the incredibly early stages of development and cautioned the fans that it would be quite some time before they would be able to get their eagerly awaiting fingers on the game. Both Parry and Chung thanked the fans of the Skate franchise for their unwavering devotion for the games and made it well aware that the fanatics were the ones that made Skate 4 happen, “You
commented this into existence.”

We will see how Skate 4 matches up against Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater remasters but we’re confident that Skate 4 will be a great addition to any library.

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