PUBG Is Free To Play On Steam This Weekend Only

The widely successful online multiplayer battle royale game PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is free to play on Steam for the next four days. If you’ve thought about playing but didn’t want to shell out the money for a game that so many said was a buggy mess, then this weekend pass provides the perfect opportunity to dip your toes into the game shame free.

What’s New?

The full game will be yours to play this weekend, including the new ranked playlist for those more competitive players. The newest update, 7.2, saw the introduction of ranked matches. Squads spawn into a randomly selected 64-player map with unique rules for the match. Most notably to make things a bit more intense, the safe area will shrink at an adjusted rate. The safe area will shrink faster bringing the players and the action head-

Vikendi Returns

The Vikendi map is back and completely re-envisioned. The map was taken out in Season 6 but vowed to make its comeback in Season 7 and here we are! There’s a lot to look at on the new old map. From less snow to rideable trains and a renovated Dino Park renamed to Dino Land (Clever) and much more. The PUBG Corporation took to their website to announce the free-to-play weekend,

As safety measures surrounding COVID-19 continue to keep people in their homes, the #PlayApartTogether message remains just as important. To further support this industry wide initiative, we’re running a PUBG Free Play Weekend on Steam! From June 4th 17:00 UTC until June 8th 17:00 UTC, you and your friends can try out PUBG at no cost.

But wait, there’s more!

If you turn out to become one of the many who can’t get enough of PUBG and want it for keepsies, they’re offering a 50% discount of the game during this free play weekend. The only thing not available with during the free weekend, and understandably, is the in-game purchasing but will be unlocked after you buy the full game. Sounds like a Winner Winner (don’t you say it!) to me.

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