Apex Legends: All Leaked Legends And Their Abilities

Apex Legends has once again gained popularity with the latest release of Season 3 content. The new map, new character, and new weapon have given players more content to digest.

Before the new character Crypto released, data miners uncovered data, including images as well as abilities of the drone-wielding Legend. And once again, data miners have revealed even more information on potential Legends and their abilities.

*Disclaimer: we fully understand that the information found through data mining can change from what is initially indicated. But keep in mind, past leaks have been very accurate with the leaked data. So we should consider the following information as valid information but as always, subject to change.

Let’s take a look!


Rosie seems to have the most data gathered so far, having been revealed in the major leaks early 2019. Further data mining in season 2 also revealed her abilities.

Rosie’s abilities:

  • Eye for quality: Rosie can see through walls and can open up hidden compartments in loot bins.
  • Supply for demand: Hold (button) to choose a type of loot. Reveal that type of loot in the area through walls.
  • Burglar’s best friend: Throw a disc and teleport to that location
  • Black Market Boutique: Place a device that can steal all nearby loot


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Very little is known about the backstory of Nomad but Nomad was also leaked earlier this year and is likely next in line after Rosie, also being a rather complete legend in the mined data.

Nomad’s abilities:

  • Passive: Packmule – “Nomad and his teammates have additional backpack space.”
  • Tactical: Loot Compass – “Follow the loot compass to the nearest item.”
  • Ultimate: Crafting Table – “Place a crafting table down. Scrap salvageable material and purchase items.”


Some have speculated that Revenant and Nomad could actually be the same character under different aliases. And as you can see from the screenshot above, they do have a similar look.

Revenant’s abilities: 

  • Mark for Death – Fire a poison dagger. Press again to reveal the target’s location for up to 60 seconds. The mark is removed if the target heals to full.
  • Poison Bomb – Launch a Poison Bomb that damages and slows targets hit. This skill will likely deal Area of Effect (AoE) damage.
  • Death Recall: Drop a totem that protects anyone who uses it from death. Instead of getting killed or downed, you’ll return to the totem with 20 health.


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Based on mines data, Immortal is described as a ‘shield support legend’ by data miner That1MiningGuy, similar to Lifeline.

Immortal’s abilities:

  • Passive: Hard to Kill – When you get downed you can revive yourself.
  • Tactical: Shield Charger / Teardown – Unleash a cloud of Nanites to charge your team’s shields OR Hit a target with a cloud of nanites to kill their shields for a short period of time.
  • Ultimate: Rise of the Pheonix – Restores your health and shields to full and gives nearby teammates 30 seconds of self-revive. Takes 8 seconds to charge.


Image result for apex legends blisk

Blisk may seem familiar to the keen-eyed Apex fanatics as he was featured in a previous Apex cinematic trailer.Blisk is a South African mercenary and leader of the Apex Predators, a group of rogue pilots.

Blisk’s abilities:

  • Passive: Interrogation – “Executing an enemy will reveal the location of their allies for 10 seconds.”
  • Tactical: Throwing Knife – “Deals 20 damage and marks the target. Killing a marked target rewards double credits.”
  • Ultimate: Payday – “Squad kills award credits. Spend credits on powerful supplies.”


The image above is the only known image of Rampart so far and it came from the leaks in February. It’s unknown if Rampart is still in development or not, but their abilities were uncovered in the latest data mining. Obviously, there are more abilities listed than the typical three abilities given to Legends.

Rampart’s abilities:

  • Amped Cover – Builds cover that provides a damage boost to anyone standing near it, can be picked up and moved.
  • My Friend Maxim – Places a mounted machine gun that anyone in the squad can use, uses heavy ammo.
  • Fixer – Swapping to melee equips a wrench players can use to repair structures.
  • Cover Fire – Firing from the Amped Cover overcharges your weapon damage.
  • Gunner – LMG’s have increased magazine capacity and reload faster


Like many of the potential Legends, not much is known about the backstory of Jericho, but the character’s script suggests he will be a large bodied character, similar to Caustic and Gibraltar, and is described as ‘The Frontline.’ That equipment on his back appears to be some kind of ballistic shield, and is also used in his abilities.

Jericho’s abilities:

  • Passive: Ballistic Shield Protection – “Your Ballistic Shield protects your back when you are not actively using it.”
  • Ability one (potential Tactical): Ballistic Shield – “A full-body shield that protects your from incoming fire.”
  • Ability two (potential Ultimate): Shield-Breaker Javelins – “Throw two electrically charged javelins that burn through enemy body shields.”

The following characters have very little information as of now. But abilities for each of the Legends have been uncovered.


Downfall is described as a ‘Populist Pyromaniac’, and is another character believed to be in the early stages of development. As with all of these potential Legends, Downfall is likely to change drastically before being released – if released at all. We do have his proposed abilities though.

Downfall’s abilities:

  • Passive: Burning Anger – Dealing damage builds rage. Filling your rage mater makes you immune to fire for 20 seconds
  • Tactical: Fire Sale – Drop a box of four molotovs anyone in your squad can pick up and throw.
  • Ultimate: Reign of Fire – Fire a cascade of incendiary rockets


This is another character possibly under another name, Skunner(shown below). Either way, we know for sure that these are the abilities shown by data mining.

Prophet / Seer’s abilities:

  • Passive: Sniper Training – Increased accuracy while ADS and starts game with a scope
  • Tactical: Spotter Sight – Scans the environment for enemies and gathers information on targets found
  • Ultimate: Triple Tap – Equips a silenced sniper rifle with three shots


Described in the game files as ‘Crafty Trapper’, Skunner seems to be similar to Season 2’s Wattson, another legend focused on traps.

Skunner’s abilities:

  • Passive: Light Step: You are not slowed by debris traps and do not leave traversal evidence for trackers.
  • Tactical: Debris Trap: Drop a pile of debris that slows and damages enemies when they move through it.
  • Ultimate: Schiltrom Barrier Grenade: Instantly create a spiked barrier made from rapid hardening resin.


Nicknamed ‘the Hard Breacher’, Husaria abilities appear to explain the nickname Husaria is obviously designed to be an aggressive Legend.

Husaria’s abilities:

  • Passive: Shotgun Kick – A breaching shotgun on your calf that discharges when you melee doors or enemies. Requires shotgun ammo.
  • Tactical: Flashbang – Throw a grenade that briefly blinds and deafens opponents
  • Ultimate: Concussive breaching charge – Plant a breaching charge that fires a sonic wave through walls to destroy traps, force open doors and disorient enemies.

That’s all we’ve got! As we said this could all change, some Legends may not even make it to the public view. We will be sure to post any updates on new revelations with the leaked Apex Legends characters.

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