A New Area Of Verdansk Is Now Overrun By Warzone Zombies

Zombies arrived in Call of Duty: Warzone with the launch of Season 2, but were so far contained at Shipwreck. Now they seem to be spreading to different areas of the map, as also detailed by Activision. In fact, the company playfully signals that the infestation has only just begun.

Zombies on the move in Warzone

After leaving Shipwreck, zombies now infest Prison. The same gameplay mechanics apply at Prison, where players can trigger the zombie event. Their task is to then kill 40 undead and subsequently earn special loot.

So far, it does seem that the zombies packed their lunch in a to-go bag (brains of course) and moved to Prison entirely. In the linked blogpost, Activision playfully warns operators of the contagion in progress.

The Emergency Broadcast System has issued a minor contagion warning for the southeastern zone of Verdansk. (…) You are recommended to exercise extreme caution: Reconnoitering within these newly confirmed anomalous zones may result in additional conflict. (…) Hostile forces are described as withered, exhibiting a cadaverous appearance, and lacking in contrastive cognizant function.

Along with the formal warning of a zombie infestation, the blogpost shows what we can expect; a large banner signals that the outbreak is only at ‘5%’. So far, they only seem to be moving from place to place, changing up the dynamics of the map from time to time. But the percentage suggests the horde will grow over time.

Image credit: Activision

Some even go as far as to speculate that the entirety of Verdansk will eventually be overrun by undead. Keeping with the lore and integration of Black Ops Cold War into Warzone, that would mean Black Ops operators would eventually nuke the map. That would be a great excuse for Raven Software and Activision to completely revamp the map, or introduce a new one entirely.

We’re not there yet though. So far, zombies are only present at Prison. If they start moving again, you’ll read all about it on our website, or through our Facebook community.

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