Super Nintendo World Theme Park – First Look And Opening Date

Fans of Nintendo have been waiting the opening of Super Nintendo World for a while now. Next year, the Super Mario themed section of the Universal Studios Japan theme park will finally open, Nintendo announced. With the announcement, the Japanese company also showcased two points of interest.

Super Nintendo World opening date

Super Nintendo World will be open to the public come February 4th 2021. Nintendo modelled the theme park, a small section of the Universal Studios park (Osaka, Japan), entirely off of the Mario franchise. This includes bright green plumbing, colorful go-karts, and a huge Bowser.

Real life Mario Kart

As far as we can tell, the park’s main attraction is the Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge ride. The AR experience puts guests in a Mario Kart seat and features a unique Mario-like hat with AR glasses built in. Using projection mapping and AR, guests get a real life Mario Kart experience.

Actually, the entire park is built around that concept. Guests connect a wrist band to an app, with which they can interact with different parts of the Mario inspired environment. The goal? Well, obviously one needs to collect as many coins as possible!

Interactive museum

Although Super Nintendo World is part of an amusement park, fans shouldn’t expect endless rollercoasters and rides. From what we gather, it’s more like an interactive Mario museum that features one AR fueled ride.

Whatever the case, Nintendo and Universal Studios Japan have been working on Super Nintendo World for over 6 years now. The section of the park should have been open already, but like so many things, plans got disrupted by the pandemic.

In a few short months, the park is finally open. Don’t hold your breath though; Japan might still be closed to foreigners early February!

Image credit: Nintendo


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