Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Early Access Open Beta Dates

Like Call of Duty? Looking forward to COD: Black Ops Cold War? Can’t wait to get your hands on the game? Well, here’s how and when you can play the latest installment ahead of the games slated release of November 13th.

Black Ops Cold War (open) beta access

Developer Treyarch gave us a glimpse of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer during a reveal stream and informed us of early access beta and open beta dates which will eventually cover all platforms.

For starters, the early access beta will only be available to players that have pre-ordered the game on their respective platform of choice. After that, PlayStation 4 owners have first crack at the game, in what is a PlayStation Exclusive weekend. The breakdown of the Black Ops Cold War open beta dates are as follows: PS4 early access covers two days, Oct. 8th and 9th, and the following three days are for the PS4 open beta, Oct. 10th -12th.

Not to worry if you don’t rep a PlayStation, because the very next weekend of Oct. 15th – 19th is slated for crossplay beta. That weekend breaks down as follows: Oct. 15th and 16th is for Xbox and PC early access, as well as open beta for PS4. Oct. 17th – 19th is open beta for all platforms. Here’s an overview of all the Call of Duty: Black Ops beta dates and platforms:

Dates Platform
Oct. 8-9 PS4 (early access)
Oct. 10-12 PS4 (open beta)
Oct. 15-16 Xbox One + PC (early access)
PS4 (open beta)
Oct. 17-19 Open beta for all platforms

What to expect

Based on last year’s Modern Warfare beta, we can expect a handful of Black Ops Cold War maps, along with (limited) weapon progression. Which maps and weapons will be available, is as of yet unknown. Our guess is that the multiplayer reveal trailer showcases the upcoming maps, also featured in the accompanying multiplayer gameplay reveal event.

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  1. That’s so dumb. 2 days for the xbox with pc. Then 2 days with all 3 but Playstation gets 5 days then another 2, ways of time for the zbox and pc

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