Sony PlayStation Community Forum Closing For Good

Sony has just announced the end of an era with the PlayStation community forum closing for good. The online forum was beloved by many PlayStation users, both for it’s helpful content and the sense of community that it facilitated. You have until the 27th of February to ask, answer, joke, and complain on the PlayStation forum.

PlayStation forum was a nice place

Ever since the PlayStation 2 era PlayStation users had a place to go when they had questions. The official community forum built up a huge database of Q’s and A’s over the past decades. Besides it’s practical use, users commenting on the announcement express their fond memories of the forum as a social meeting place.

One user by the gamertag of TheParadoxUnsees explains:

In my teenage years I spent most of my time here and it felt like a real community of eccentric, well-defined characters with in-jokes and running gags that only regulars would understand. Granted, I was the proverbial black sheep/whipping boy for most of my tenure back then but I still have fond memories of the place and made some friends along the way.

Sony hasn’t explained why they made the decision to close down the forum. Based on the recently unveiled PlayStation 5 logo, it looked like they were keeping things ‘traditional’ for the next generation of consoles. But with this decision, it seems that things are going to be a bit different.

Gamers can now “continue the conversation via PlayStation.Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram,” the blogpost reads. Skeptics could however question the usefulness of a Twitter conversation as opposed to a focused, moderated forum.

Playstation fans just have to wait and see if Sony’s social media, the official support page and the will fulfill the same needs as the community forum. But based on many of the reactions on the forum closure, it’s a tough pill to swallow for many forum regulars.

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