Epic Games May Face Lawsuit Over Claims Fortnite as Addictive as Cocaine

Fortnite publisher Epic Games may be facing a class-action lawsuit in Canada after two parents claimed last week that Fortnite was intentionally designed to be as addictive as cocaine.

The law firm, Calex Légal, filed a motion in the courts Thursday on behalf of the two separate parties who claim their sons have developed severe dependencies, as reported by USA Today

While the suit has yet to be claimed, the lawsuit plans to hold Epic Games and its Canadian affiliate accountable for using psychological and statistical advantages to create “the most addictive game possible.”

The lawsuit states:

The lawsuit also cites that the World Health Organization declared video game addiction a disease last year.

“The addiction to the game Fortnite has real consequences on the lives of players, many of whom have developed problems such that they do not eat, do not shower and no longer socialize. Moreover, rehabilitation centers specifically dedicated to addiction to Fortnite have opened all over the world, particularly in Quebec and Canada, to treat people for addiction.”

“The defendants used the same tactics as the creators of slot machines, or variable reward programs, (to ensure) the dependence of its users. Children are particularly vulnerable to this manipulation since their self-control system in the brain is not developed enough.”

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