CoD: Modern Warfare Weapon Charms and Scrapped Perks Leaked

While the second beta wave of the upcoming Call of Duty, the Modern Warfare soft reboot, is live right now, a list of all the upcoming on-weapon cosmetics called Weapon Charms was leaked by a data miner. We also got a look at two new perks that were allegedly removed from the final version of the game: the Dead Man’s Switch and Self Revive.

Reddit-user halflucids posted a list of all the upcoming Weapon Charms, little ‘chainlets’ with a bad ass, wacky or funny item attached to it. The cosmetic items had been teased by Activision itself, as a drone Weapon Charm was part of the pre-order bonus.

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To pimp your weapons, you’ll have access to Charms like a stiletto knife, the grim reaper, a gasmask, or a car freshener if you’re going for a more wacky approach. Weirdly enough, the drone isn’t on the leaked list, so there might be more in store for fashionistas among the Call of Duty community. The numbers of the items shown above don’t align so, however unlikely, there might be more than a hundred Charms in the works.

Another explanation for all the missing numbers would be that pre-order items and future DLC (or microtransaction) content will be added to the game in separate folders and therefore wouldn’t show up on the ‘default’ item list. Yet another conclusion would be that the numbers really don’t mean anything at all.

In other news, another leaker showed off two supposedly cut perks called Dead Man’s Switch and Self Revive. Call of Duty veterans might be getting flashbacks to previous titles in the franchise when they look at the video posted below, as the Dead Man’s Switch perk has a similar effect to the Martyrdom perk. But instead of a live grenade that is dropped upon death, the defeated player will go into a ‘downed but not out’-state and can trigger an explosion that may kill or wound his adversary.

The other perk, Self Revive, is self explanatory; it allows a downed player to help himself up after a near fatal fight. Bother perks were possibly part of the game at some point during the development, but developers from Infinity Ward allegedly stated that they decided against the perks in the end.

Both perks (in slightly different configurations) have been a part of previous titles in the franchise so it isn’t that far fetched that they would have made it into the game. The perks are not in the beta version of the game as of writing this article, so it’s hard to say if they were removed or the files were data mined from the latest build of the game. We simply don’t know at this point, but whenever we know, you’ll read it here, on Game Enthusiast.