Battlefield 1 Review

Today’s Review: Battlefield 1
Developer: EA DICE
Released: 10/21/2016
Our Score: 9.1/10

I’ve always enjoyed the Battlefield franchise spanning all the way back to the days of Battlefield 1942. I’m very excited to see the big FPS franchises dabble with the idea of returning to their roots. In this particular title, we are taken back to the brutal battlefields of Europe during the span of WW1.

Battlefield has always had a different style of gameplay contrary to other FPS with the typical “run and gun” play style. With that said this is a MUST PLAY for any gamer that enjoys first person shooter’s but if you are new to the franchise be prepared to experience a slight learning curve–but it’s definitely worth the time it takes to get used to it.

Please check out the photo for an in-depth analysis and review of EA’s latest addition to the Battlefield series.

The Game Enthusiast Team