Steam Had A Record Breaking Autumn Sale In 2020

Throughout the year, Valve regularly hosts big Steam events, with the most recent 2020 Autumn Sale breaking the platform’s record. As detailed in a blogpost, never before did a Steam event make so much money. It also welcomed an insane amount of new people to the PC platform. Here are some of the stats.

Steam Autumn Sale breaks record

According to Steam operator Valve, the most recent Autumn Sale “was the biggest-ever in terms of revenue for developers and publishers.” While the American company did not share any exact numbers in terms of revenue, it does say a lot.

Normally, the Autumn Sale is a nice little snack while gamers wait for the Summer- and Winter Sale. Of course, this year isn’t like any other year, with COVID-19 still controlling many peoples’ lives. As a silver lining for Steam though, that means more people are sitting at home (working or otherwise) in need for some entertainment.

A Gaben-load of new customers

Additionally, Steam saw almost a million new customers during the Autumn Sale, which is 33% more than during the same event in 2019. But all you veterans of Steam didn’t disappoint either:

Existing players showed up in a big way, too. Our concurrent users during the 2020 Autumn Sale peaked at just shy of 24 million people, about 7 million more simultaneous users than the peak of the 2019 Autumn Sale.

For the devs

While we wish Steam and Gaben all the best, we’re sure they’ve got it good as is. We’re especially happy for all the devs out there that got a chance to reach a bigger audience because of the Autumn Sale. Apparently, never before did so many games find succes during a Sale that during this year’s Autumn Sale.

So despite COVID still making our lives difficult, gamers, developers, and Gabe Newell around the globe profited from the Steam Autumn Sale in one way or another.

Image credit: Valve

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