Poll: What’s The Best Call of Duty Campaign? Vote Now!

What’s the best Call of Duty campaign? Call of Duty has dominated the multiplayer world for well over fifteen years, but there’s still a big part of the franchise that a lot of gamers look forward to with every release. The campaign!

We want to know what Call of Duty campaigns are our readers favorites. Are you a die hard originalist and love the classic campaigns? Are you a Modern Warfare lover? Or is Black Ops Cold War your first campaign?

Vote for the best Call of Duty campaign!

Vote for your absolute favorite! Choose what you consider to be your favorite Call of Duty campaign. Don’t forget to hit ‘Vote’ to submit your selection! And be sure to take a minute to remember all of the campaign’s, there is a lot of them! Feel free to tell us why your pick is your favorite down in the comments as well.

Results will be posted on our Facebook page after the holiday so make sure you’re following us and have notifications turned on so you can see the results!

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