PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller Is Getting Roasted With Memes

Yesterday Sony announced the controller for the upcoming PlayStation 5. The DualSense controller will sport a lot of new features and got a completely new design. Many fans (and haters) were ‘inspired’ by the new controller, but probably not for the right reasons. And just like with the ‘new’ PlayStation 5 logo, that resulted in some hilarious memes.

The main criticism we found while strolling the internet for the best DualSense memes, was it’s resemblance to the Xbox One controller. And it’s not hard to see where that comes from. The shape of the DualSense is quite similar to Microsoft’s most recent controller. It’s white color doesn’t help either.

Regardless of whether you think the mild roasting is deserved, here’s some of the most hilarious memes we found on social media.

Image credit: Sony

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