Xbox Series X Controller Still Uses AA Batteries—Here’s Why

While pretty much everything about the Microsoft Xbox Series X is going to be high-tech, the power supply of the controller is not. Speaking to EuroGamer’s Digital Foundry, a Microsoft employee explains why the American company chose to use AA Batteries in the Series X controller.

AA batteries versus rechargeable battery pack

Speaking with Jason Ronald, partner director of program management at Xbox, the medium expressed their concern with using AA batteries. After all, veteran gamers will know the sheer agony of losing an online match because their batteries just died and they can’t find new ones. Being able to quickly plug a cable in the controller to recharge it would be nice.

But according to Ronald, the discussion perfectly reflects customer feedback. There’s a 50/50 split in terms of preference:

What it comes down to is when actually talking to gamers, it’s kind of POLARIZING and there is a strong camp that really want AAs. So just giving flexibility is the way to please both [sets of] people… You can use a rechargeable battery pack and it works just like it does on the Elite, [but] it is a separate thing.

So it appears that players will have control over how to control their controller either way. Presumably, you get a set of AA batteries along with your Xbox Series X. You can always choose to purchase a rechargeable battery pack. On the other hand, those do decline over time and eventually not charge at all. A disposable battery powered controller will always keep working just fine.

How do you feel about it?

Still, many of us at Game Enthusiast are mainly PC gamers and if you asked us, we’d just want a nice long cable attached to our controller. This way, it never runs out of juice. Because regardless of the type of battery the Series X controller uses, if it’s empty, it’s still empty. And that just won’t happen with a good ol’ fashioned cable.

What’s your take on the whole AA battery versus rechargeable battery pack discussion? We made a poll so make sure to leave your opinion there!

The Microsoft Xbox Series X is coming out this Holiday season. But with corona interfering with our everyday lives, we might have a little while longer to stock up on AA batteries.

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Image credit: Microsoft

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