Apex Legends Has Some Mysterious Things Happening Around World’s Edge

Update 1/27: Check out the latest development‘s regarding Season 4 and new character Forge!

With Apex Legends Season 4 right around the corner, new map changes to World’s Edge have already started being teased by Respawn in the form of Hammond Robotics ‘Future Worksite’ signs and mysterious lights in the sky. What changes are coming to World’s Edge?

In a Season 4 preview, developers mentioned that World’s Edge would be undergoing some map changes thanks to Hammond Robotics. While playing Apex Legends, players have most likely seen some familiar pre-cursors popping up around the map.

Lights in the sky?

What’s going on with the lights in the sky? Some have said that the lights in the sky could be that of a Harvester, previously seen in Titanfall 2, on its way to suck resources from World’s Edge.

While it may be likely that we see much more of Hammond Robotics, we should consider the details in the lore of the Titanfall universe. After all, Apex Legends is set in the Titanfall universe.

One interesting point that should be mentioned, Hammond Robotics is responsible for Titans, the massive robotic battle machines from Titanfall 1 & 2. Could Respawn pull off a huge surprise and drop Harvesters with Titan’s around the map? We can hope right? Just me? Ok.

It could be a reach but not far out of the realm of possibility, given that Titan’s have been rumored since the early days of Season 1. Prolific data-miner That1MiningGuy seems to feel confident that at least the Harvester is somehow involved in the upcoming changes.


So maybe we’re not getting the Titans, but something is definitely up with these lights in the sky.

New landmarks?

As you can see in the image below, these new sites are expected to be a main focus for the upcoming map changes. It’s hard to say exactly what kind of map changes we will be looking at.  In Season 2, ahead of the map changes to King’s Canyon, players spotted flyers and Leviathan’s outside the playable area’s. Those flyers and Leviathans eventually made their way into the map, and in a big way.

And in the Voidwalker event, players noticed flags that marked where map changes would take place. So these kind of preemptive teasers are most likely no different.

We speculate that a new area is slated for Season 4 near Fuel Depot, where most of the signs we’ve seen are located.


Some very clever reddit users have bounced around the idea the Capitol City will undergo some major renovations due to the fact that an image spotted during the developer reveal shows that the layout of Capitol City has been changed.

Reddit user @Senboni also speculates that the buildings shown in another image show the building’s that could potentially be placed just west of Fuel Depot, another area that has Hammond Robotics signs placed near it.

Reddit - Senboni

While we wait for the release of Season 4, we could possibly see some more teasers closer to launch. One thing is for sure, whatever Hammond Robotics has up their sleeve is causing ton’s of speculation and wonder.

If we come across more juicy details before the beginning of Season 4, we will be sure to update players. Season 4 of Apex Legends is planned to release on February 4, 2020.

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