Next Call of Duty Will Not Have Jetpacks According to Treyarch Developer

Treyarch Studio Design Director, David Vonderhaar gave some insight yesterday into the next Call of Duty title coming in 2020. Vonderhaar took the time to address some tweets. In his replies we learn that jetpacks will not be a part of the gameplay in the next Call of Duty developed by Treyarch.

One fan replied to one of his tweets saying “you butter put jetpacks in the next COD”(sic) in which Vonderhaar replies “NO.”

Vonderhaar still seems to be recovering from all the flak he caught for putting them in Black Ops 3 and responded to another fan when they tried to convince him of the jetpack’s value to Call of Duty.

There is still not any information on the latest Call of Duty other than we can pretty confidently say that jetpacks will most likely not be a key factor in the gameplay.  When more news drops about the latest Call of Duty title, we will be sure to inform our viewers.  Until then check out Game Enthusiast for all of your latest video game news and media.

Image Credit: Treyarch

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