Modern Warfare Open Beta Will Include 32 v 32 Ground War With Mini-Map

Infinity Ward has updated the message of the day in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PS4 Open Beta to reveal when fans can expect the new Ground War mode in the Beta. The newly updated in-game message of the day states that the new 32v32 Ground War mode will be added to the beta this weekend starting on Saturday, September 21. Ground War will be played on the map, Karst River Quarry.

The in-game message says:


Thank you for playing the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta! We hope you’re enjoying everything we’ve shown you so far, but we aren’t done yet! On Saturday, September 21, during weekend two of the Beta, we’ll be taking your multiplayer experience to the next level. Taking place on a new map, Karst River Quarry, you’ll get your hands on 32v32 warfare in a new mode, Ground War.”

We have yet to see any official gameplay of the new Ground War mode, but many have speculated that it could have a strong similarity to Battlefield due to the fact that the Ground War mode features vehicles.

Players will also be happy to hear that the mini-map will be included in the new 32v32 mode.

YouTuber, TheGamingRevoYT (who has proven to been accurate with many of his leaks on Modern Warfare), claimed on Twitter that the Ground War 32v32 mode for Modern Warfare has the mini map enabled with enemy fire shown – essentially how the mini map operated in every Call of Duty game prior to this one. Many players have voiced their frustration about the lack of a mini map on other modes in the PS4 beta, released earlier this month. Information regarding any change to the mini-map in other modes has yet to be seen.

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Let us know what you think about the new Ground War mode coming to the Modern Warfare Beta this weekend! Game Enthusiast will of course stay up to date with any more Call of Duty news or announcements. Until then we will see you in the lobby!