Overwatch 2 Completely Changes PvP By Removing One Player Per Team

Blizzard Entertainment finally revealed Overwatch 2 PvP-gameplay yesterday, showcasing the new 5v5 competitive format during a livesteam. With that, the popular shooter will change drastically, as each team will have to do with one less Tank. How will that impact Overwatch 2‘s gameplay?

Overwatch 2 introduces 5v5 PvP

Overwatch perfected the 6 versus 6 competitive, eSports-ready gameplay back in 2016. With Overwatch 2, the games’ direction takes a drastic new turn under new director Aaron Keller.

Multiplayer matches in Overwatch 2 feature 5 players on each team; there’s two Damage slots, two Healer slots, and just one Tank slot. With that, the entire dynamic of the game changes.

After all Tanks are meant to create space, tank a bunch of damage, and protect their teammates from getting picked off. In the current meta, team’s usually consist of one ‘off Tank’ and one ‘main Tank’, with the former having a more specialized role.

It appears that Blizzard pushes all the existing Tanks into the main role, while simultaneously giving main Tanks more abilities to do damage. For example, D.Va gets a beefier Matrix Shield, while Winston has an alternative fire mode for longer range attacks. Reinhardt can do two Fire Strikes instead of one, while being able to cancel his Charge mid-charge.

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!

As a veteran Overwatch enthusiast, I’m sure it’s not just me that’s a bit worried about the changes to the game. During the livestream, the development team argues that ‘tanks can be problematic’ and ‘noisy’. What?!

Blizzard is moving Overwatch 2 in a more ‘easy to read’ and ‘understandable’ format, because apparently it’s too hard to ‘track what 11 other players are doing on the battlefield’.

In other words, they’re simplifying a game that’s absolutely perfect for both veterans and starting players, sporting one of the biggest eSports-scenes ever. Who said it needs to be changed in the first place?

Whatever the case, two factors make me a little less anxious about the direction Blizzard takes with Overwatch 2 and it’s PvP. First, the game won’t come out this year. So plenty of time to enjoy the first one a bit more. Second, apparently Blizzard wants to make both games coexist. As far as we know, it’s still possible to enjoy 6v6 once Overwatch 2 comes out.

Maybe I’m just salty because I’m a Tank main that has to share one slot with all the others. And who knows, I might just be completely enamored once I’ve tasted Overwatch 2 eventually!


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